Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Featured Article: H&M Launches First Global Clothing Collection Recycling Program

Innovation in the fashion industry isn't new, but H&M are taking that call for innovation to a sustainable place with their new program. Soon you will be able to take used clothing to H&M stores for recycling. H&M will be the first company to start a worldwide program like this one. H&M already works to use organic cotton, does not discharge hazardous chemicals, and saves water.

This program is interesting purely because it is the first one to be implemented in the United States and worldwide. The company is partnering with I:Collect in this effort, however we could not find a website for them to determine what exactly they will be doing with the collected clothing to recycle it. H&M's website lists re-wearing, reuse and recycling as potential end results for the collected garments.

We're trying to decide how sustainable this program will be. The company could have a large impact, however they're also giving the people donating a coupon, to give them incentive. This is nice, but, as the article pointed out, won't that just add another article of clothing to the waste stream? We like to think if you donate once you will donate again, so this might not be a huge concern, however, it is definitely one to look into.

What do you think? Does this program sound like it could make a real change? Would you take your clothes there, and shop at H&M more because they offer this recycling program? Let us know in the comments!

Check out the full article here.

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