Friday, June 1, 2012

Growing Season in full swing!

It's officially June which means that it's time to pull out that green thumb and get started working in that garden! Have some plants that just aren't looking up to snuff? Compost can help you get the most out of your summer gardening. Here's a quick list of 5 ways that compost can help your garden this summer.

1) Compost helps your soil retain water. This means that your soil has more water to feed your plants and help them develop healthy roots! Healthy roots are key to healthy plant growth, wether you're planting tomatoes or daisies.

2) Compost fights against soil contaminants for your plants. Since it's so absorbent it keeps harmful pesticides and chemicals in your soil from reaching your plants. It also works to degrade these contaminants over time.

3) Compost also helps out the critters in the soil that help your plants. Adding compost to your garden feeds organic matter to micro and macro organisms that will then feed beneficial nutrients to your plants. It also attracts earthworms, who in turn also help your soil. This is just one more thing that makes your plants healthier and your garden more bountiful.

4)If you're in an area with more clay based soil, compost will do wonders! Plants that have never been able to survive due to lack of moisture will thrive. Compost works itself into the clay sediment and helps to release water throughout it, without over saturating your soil and not allowing it drain or under saturating it and letting it grow hard and unable to aerate.

5) Composting is completely natural. That means that you're not introducing chemicals to your plants, as you would with pesticides and some fertilizers. Compost is a natural, organic product. It actually helps your soil in the long run, rather than temporarily fixing a problem, but then causing greater problems in the long run.

We hope your gardens flourish this summer, and we know that with the help of compost they definitely will!

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