Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Featured Article: German Designer Turns Sour Milk into Silky Fabric

Okay, this story is a little older, but it flew under our radar for a while. Usually these featured articles are about wacky sustainable products that are made of unusual materials. This is no different, this designer made a fabric that is supposed to feel like silk from sour milk!

One of the benefits of this fabric that the article points out is that, although it is marketed as a luxury fabric, it's price will be stable, unlike silk and other labor intensive fabrics. It is also non-allergenic which would be very helpful in making a wide variety of products from blouses to bedsheets for hotels. The possibilities for this fabric is pretty impressive, and as long as we have animals producing milk it is available for production.

Feel free to read the original story here. What do you think, would you buy a shirt made from QMilch?

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