Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Featured Article: Walmart's Plan To Fight Hunger In The U.S.

Today's featured article is an interesting one. It's not about a new technology or fabric, but about a social good campaign being run by Walmart. Many people view Walmart as a big bad, but it's actually awesome how much social good the company has been working to provide. Currently the chain is #1 in solar energy and they compost food waste, along with many other programs that are good for the environment and the communities they are in. This social good campaign takes on the other side of the register. While Walmart has been working on making their own company good, this one helps their customers and potential customers.

The truth is Walmart is doing a real service to these communities by trying to make sure that no one goes hungry. According to Feeding America, 14.5% of household were food insecure (roughly 17.2 million households) in 2010. Families with children were more likely to be food insecure. While those numbers aren't as bad as those in 3rd world countries, it is astounding when you realize how much hunger there really is in the United States. It is especially daunting when you realize that the last couple years have only caused those numbers to grow due to the rising price of food and continued unemployment.

Given that the cost to feed a family of 4 for a month is $45 for Feeding America, the $50,000 that Walmart is donating to 40 communities could do a lot of good. The company is also encouraging their employees to volunteer at food banks.

We applaud Walmart for their efforts and we encourage our readers to get involved in feeding America's hungry in whatever way they can.

Read the article here.

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