Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What To Do With Halloween Leftovers

Happy Halloween to everyone celebrating! Today's blog is all about what to do with those left overs when all the trick-or-treat-ers are home in bed.

1) The Great Pumpkin
While it's easy to use pumpkins to cook, often times you've already cut up your jack-o-lanterns, so they don't make a great meal. One great way to deal with those left over pumpkins- compost them! Then nature does most of the work and you'll have a great fertilizer to boot!

2)Tasty Treats
The first thing to remember is that candy is freezer friendly! If you want to stretch those treats out so everyone doesn't go crazy right away hide them away in your freezer after rationing out the candy. You can either eat the candy later or use it in your upcoming holiday baking.
Also keep in mind that food pantries and dentists offices may have a program specifically for Halloween candy, so giving it to the dentist for a few bucks or to a food pantry so someone less fortunate gets some candy can be great. There may be other great give away programs in your community, like sending candy to the troops. Look for these, they can be great.

3) The Costume
If you went with a straight up, bought from the store costume, there may not be much to do other than pray that your child will wear it again or give it away either to a Goodwill or to a family friend who might use the costume next year. For the future: A great green way to do Halloween is to use clothing that your child will be able to wear after Halloween, if possible. A good Ninja costume can easily be made from a mask and some black clothing that can be separated and worn after the spooky holiday is over.

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