Monday, February 25, 2013

5 Natural Cures for Weeds

Gardening season is fast approaching, and we're so excited to start planting ours. However, there is one chore we haven't missed, weeding. Weeds, while being a good stress release method occasionally, are mostly an obnoxious chore. Chemicals used to rid yourself of weeds sometimes leave you hesitant, are aren't always the safest. Natural remedies can work wonders and you might even have some of the ingredients in your kitchen! Here are 5 examples of natural cures to rid yourself of those pesky weeds this year.

1) Vinegar
Vinegar is great for so many things, weed killing is just one of a long list. Just take a squirt bottle and fill it up, and you'll have a weed killer. However, vinegar is one to be careful with, as it can have adverse affects on anything it is sprayed on, regardless of whether it's a weed or your favorite petunias. Spray with caution.

2) Boiled Water
Treating weeds with boiled water destroys them down to their roots. However, this is another method that can also easily kill plants that you want to keep as well as the weeds. Be careful about where you pour and you'll be fine.

3) Liquid Dish Detergent
Mix dish soap with water at a 1:10 ratio, and you'll have a full force weed killer on your hands. This is also handy because it will give the plant a more oily appearance, so you can see what you have sprayed.

4) Cornmeal
Sprinkle a little on the soil after your planned plants have begun showing and this kitchen essential will keep weeds out and attract worms, which will improve the overall health of your soil.

5) Newspaper
Layer at least 5 pieces of Newspaper on top of your undesired weed. This works best for weeds in areas populated by plants that you actually want, because you can control the spread by where you actually put the Newspaper. This technique essentially smothers the weed.

Especially with the liquid cures on this list be careful when applying. Do not saturate the soil, or you could end up doing long term damage to your soil as well as killing other nearby plants.

Which of these have you used? Have you used any different remedies? Be sure to share in the comments!

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