Monday, August 20, 2012

Featured Article: Compostable Bedsheets for College Kids.

This week and last week are two of the big move weeks for college students in Iowa. Student from around and outside of the state are flocking to their new dorm rooms and apartments to start their new school year. This featured article is about two mom who knew college students and knew about an unanswered need, and so they created compostable bed sheets with college students in mind. Anyone who remember being a college student or having a college student knows that sometimes cleanliness comes last, especially with that big final coming up. Often times bedsheets get forgotten until it's time to visit home and laundry is free.

Now, in the long run we're not positive that these sheets will be the best economical choice, but it's encouraging to see people attempting to answer a need of an extremely large segment of the population. We're excited to see how this technology advances.

Read the full article here.

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