Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Featured Article: Fifth-Grader's Petition Prompts Jamba Juice to Ditch Styrofoam

Normally we try to stick to one featured article a week on our blog, but this story was too good to ignore. Thanks to the petition of a 10 year old, Jamba Juice will no longer be using styrofoam in their stores. This is great news, but we'd like to urge the company to take it a step further.

With a chain like Jamba Juice, composting just makes sense, so why not make sure that every Jamba Juice cup is compostable as well? They rely on heathy fruit and yogurt to make their beverages, so why not give back to the earth that gives them so much? Jamba Juice is currently looking into ways to reduce their footprint and trying to make their entire business more sustainable, and composting would take care of a large portion of their waste stream.

What do you think? We talk about the benefits of composting a lot on this blog, would you like to see more restaurants and businesses participating? Let us know in the comment section!

Read the original story here.

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