Monday, November 5, 2012

Featured Article: An Umbrella That Makes Recycling A Part Of Keeping Dry

We're a big fan of new sustainable products here at Chamness Technology, Inc. and we love featuring them. This umbrella is a great object to have if you often find yourself caught in the rain without anything to protect you from the downpour.

The case for this umbrella is very small and can easily fit just about anywhere. All you have to do is find your nearest object of choice to block the rain- a napkin, a newspaper, whatever, and just screw it into your EcoBrolly. This frame makes anything into an umbrella (and afterward you can rip up your wet papers and stick them into your compost bin).

What do you think, would you buy the EcoBrolly? Do you think newpaper will keep you dry? Let us know in the comments!

Read the full article here.

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