Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Season Upcycling DIYs

It's officially the start of the holiday season, and so it's only fitting that we have an upcycling blog post! There are so many fun crafts out there for any skill level. We've gathered X DIYs for you to try out this holiday season! Good luck!

Ornament Garland
This garland is pretty cute, and it's a fun and easy way to upcycle old ornaments that you aren't using this year, or extra ones that don't fit on your tree. The tutorial seems pretty easy and full of holiday cheer! 

Recycled Jar Snow Globe
Fun and cheerful looking, there's nothing not to like about this little snow globe! You can use an old mason or spaghetti jar and have a cute gift or decoration for the holiday season. 

Recycled Paper Tree
Either as a mantlepiece or a centerpiece, we think this lovely, wintery paper tree would brighten up any area and give it a little bit of seasonal flair. Maybe, if you were daring, you could test ou adding color to the sheets of paper first, although it looks great in white as well. 

Holiday Card Ornaments
DIY Tutorial
Every holiday season is brightened by the mail. Holidays are probably the one time of year where you consistently get mail other than bills and it's kind of nice! When the season ends it's easy to feel guilty trashing or recycling old cards, but this craft gives you a way to enjoy them for years to come! These ornaments work well on a tree, but we also think it could work well in a glass centerpiece. 

Stick Star Ornament
While yard waste is compostable, if you don't have a composting service or your own compost pile, dealing with those sticks and leaves from late fall and early winter can be a hassle. This craft deals with those sticks, although it could be fun to superglue some leaves on the front to make it very natural looking. 

Magazine Paper Ornament
Folded and coiled magazine paper can make for very interesting crafts. They're colorful and somehow feel chic, even though they're homemade. These ornaments are sure to impress and brighten up any tree. 

Cone Trees
This craft takes old dixie cups, toilet paper rolls, and scrap wrapping paper and makes a fun and decorative gift.  This fun craft is an easy way to give a smaller gift and looks very nice to boot! 

Cereal Box Snowman
Using old cereal boxes for crafts is always fun, but this cute snowman is sure to make everyone happy with the end result! 

Punched Tin Ornaments
These vintage looking tin ornamens have a high class feel, but are easy for even children to make! Plus you get to reuse tins from all your holiday cooking. These are fun and even more lovely shining against holiday lights.

Fabric Trees
If you're normally crafty, this craft may be perfect. Leftover fabric scraps will become chic and fun fabric trees for your holiday decorating. 

These are definitely some great Upcycling crafts that should lead to some fun snow days spent inside and some festive decor! 

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