Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 10 Thanksgiving DIYs

It's just a little over a week and a half until Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe the holiday got here so quickly! If you're hosting a get together at your house it's probably about time to start decorating. It's easy to buy decorations at the store, but it is often cheaper and greener to make some yourself, using things you have around the house, plus a few store-bought craft supplies! Today's blog is our top 10 Thanksgiving decoration DIYs. Check them out!

Give Thanks Tablecloth
The table is a crucial part of Thanksgiving- it's a holiday that is all about eating and giving thanks! So what better than a thanksgiving tablecloth? This burlap tablecloth is very chic, and it can also be very personal since you're making it yourself! 

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Bottle Trees
 Centerpieces are also a very important part of thanksgiving. These bottles that have been repurposed as decorations make a great centerpiece, but we think you can use them all winter long on your mantel as well!

Thankful Tree
The idea behind this tree is to have guests write what they are thankful for on the slips of paper. It's a fun way to get everyone's ideas on it, and if you eat with the same people every year you can continue to add to it, so you will have years worth of thankful memories!

Giving Thanks Cigar Box
 This fun box allows everyone to write down a memory and keep it in the box. If you like the idea of time capsules, this could work great! It will also be a box you can reuse every year.

Thanks bottle mantel piece
This is a little different than the other bottle craft we have. This one you can put whatever words on it you like (as long as you have enough bottles)! It might be fun to do the family name and change the decorations with every season!

Thanksgiving Tree
 This is another craft we've had an alternative version for, however this one is a little more Thanksgiving specific with the leaves. It might be fun to use the leaves first as the place setting, and then have everyone flip the leaf over and write what they're thankful for after or right before dinner.

2x4 Thanksgiving Turkey Tutorial
 This 2x4 Turkey is so cute and you could use it to decorate any room in your house! This tutorial does a great step-by-step guide to making your new turkey friend.

Branches Leaf
 The unfortunate thing about this tutorial is that it isn't very specific- but the poster brings up a good point that with a little hot glue or wire it would be easy to recreate, and all of your supplies can be found in your front lawn!

Glitter Wreath
 This wreath is trendy and fun. We also think the best way to make the leaves is with old cardboard that you then paint over and glitter up!

Gratitude Mobile
This mobile is a fun craft to do a little bit ahead of Thanksgiving with the kids, so they remember to be grateful even before they take a bite of the turkey.

Those are our top picks! Do you have any great crafts that you've found this thanksgiving or have a favorite of the ones we've shared? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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