Monday, December 10, 2012

Homemade Gift Ideas

This month is a big one for gifts. If you're trying to be green or just avoid the stores, homemade gifts can be a good and heartfelt option for gifts. If you're stumped on what to make for a homemade gift, check out some of our favorites!

Cork Trivet DIY
 Maybe you have someone on your list who's a total foodie, or maybe just someone who has their own kitchen for the first time. Either way, one easy and useful gift is this trivet. It works well for your hot pots and pans, and it has a fun and almost rustic charm.

Clay Pot Snowmen DIY
We love these adorable little snowmen that can be used to decorate your home throughout the winter season. We aslo think it'd be easy to make these guys a little bigger- using a bigger pot, ball and sock, to make a fun winter lawn or entryway ornament.

Cute Coaters DIY
 These fun coasters make great gifts for everyone because you use scrapbook paper to make the tiles, so you can personalize it to anyone you know!

Pantone Chip Magnets DIY
 This gift is great for the designer or artist you know, and it's a fun and easy little craft that looks so nice that it could have been bought from a store!

Teacup Lights DIY
 These fun little candles are a great way to use old cups that have darling details but might not match your dish ware.

Knit Cowl DIY
 As the weather turns chilly it is always good to remember that cowls and scarfs make great holiday gifts! This cowl looks like it would keep you cozy and warm even on the coldest of days.

Fabric Key Chain DIY
Reuse scrap fabric and make cute little gifts. This is great because it will definitely make the keys stand out, and can be very personal for your giftee!

Garden Path Stepping Stones DIY
Perfect for the gardener in your life, these stones will brighten up any garden! This tutorial is pretty basic, so you can personalize as much as you'd like!

Candy Plant DIY
 Gifting candy can seem almost too easy, but not with this craft! While the craft is easy for you, it shows the effort behind the simple idea. Fun way to gift food during the holidays and year round!

Bath Salt DIY
Who doesn't love a relaxing bath? Now you can give the gift of one with these great bath salts! Give everyone their favorite scents in a relaxing bath.

Lanyard DIY
 The tutorial page presents this as a craft for teachers, but really it seems like it could work for anyone with keys! It's fun and can include the recipient's favorite colors or patterns!

Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve DIY
This is the perfect gift for the coffee drinker you know. Imagine all the cardboard we could save from the landfill if people used these instead of coffee cup sleeves. 

Bird Nest Necklace DIY
If you're particularly crafty these birds nest necklaces are beautiful and elegant little gifts that everyone is sure to love!

Do you have any other great DIY gifts? Which of these is your favorite? Be sure to share in the comments!

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