Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 5 posts of 2012

Hopefully you're all getting ready to enjoy 2013! We are excited for the new year, but we're also looking back at the one that has past. At the end of May, 2012 we started seriously blogging, and so we wanted to take this post to look back at our top 5 posts of 2012(based on post views)! Here's to hoping we have plenty of popular posts to pick from in 2013!

This post looked into the amazing and interesting world of vertical gardens! When looking back, it isn't hard to believe this post is popular. It's inspiring, especially to our readers who might live in more urban areas and can't plant a huge backyard garden.


This photo friday is simply of a flower near Iowa City. It's beautiful and simple, and captures an Iowa summer. 

This post was a collection of DIY projects that focused on upcycling old t-shirts! Fun and easy, these DIYs got a lot of traffic and it's easy to see why looking back.

This article was another sustainability article that got a lot of traction! It's definitely a good read, and proves that even the young generation is concerned about sustainability.

This story occurred in Iowa, and it's inspiring to see a young woman take such and ardent intrest in reducing her school's waste stream! If you haven't checked out Lilly's story we'd definitely recommend taking a second to read it now.

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