Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recycled Wrapping Paper Crafts

Everybody goes through much more waste this month than the rest of the year, mostly due to the waste created by gift wrapping. However, it seems a shame to throw all of that pretty paper into a landfill. After the presents have been ripped open, these crafts will help you give new life to all that barely used paper!

Wrapping Paper Basket DIY
 This fun basket is great for craft supplies and little nic nacs. It's easy enough that your children can help you with it, and it is a fun way to store a few of the new gifts they unwrapped!
Wrapping Paper Bookmark DIY

These bookmarks are a great future gift for any book lover in your family, or to mark your spot in your new book that your received as a gift! 

Frame From Rolled Paper DIY
 This tutorial is actually for newspaper, but we think it could be even more beautiful with wrapping paper! It's a great little frame that could be used as a gift in the future, or used to decorate your house!
Book Covers DIY
If you ever had to make a book cover in grade school, you already know how to do this craft! Use your wrapping paper to protect your books and make them stylish!  

Soap Cozy DIY
Imagine how great this could look with bright, shimmery holiday wrapping? We like this to spruce up any soap container!

Card DIY
 For fun and festive cards you can't really beat these. Plus it adds a nice homemade touch to all of your cards.

Wrapping Paper Star DIY
These lovely wrapping paper stars would make a great ornament for parties year round (as long as it doesn't have any season specific images)!
Office Supply Cans
 Spruce up some tin cans and make these beautiful and chic office supply cans!

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